What You Can Expect

Here’s what you can expect if you work with us:

Quick response

We’ll respond to your emails, text messages or phone calls within one one business day, from the first time you contact us, to the thick of a project, to a follow-up question months later.


We pride ourselves in knowing what the heck we’re talking about.  That’s not easy in today’s digital landscape, with new tools and capabilities emerging nearly every day. So we’re careful to partner with experts who can fill our knowledge gaps, and we make time to stay abreast of the latest industry benchmarking reports.  This means we won’t offer you advice unless we’re completely confident that it’s current and accurate.  We can’t eliminate 100% of the uncertainty you face in your decisionmaking, but we will at least weed-whack it down to stubble.

Statue of Einstein posed informally.
Genius AND informality? It happens.


If a one-page concept document is enough to communicate an idea within the team, that’s what we’ll give you.  But if you need to sell your board of directors on a new approach, we’ll help you prepare more formal briefing materials, and we’ll even help you present them if you want. In other words, we match the formality to the business need.  After all, you’re paying for results, and we’ve seen plenty of elegantly crafted plans and reports over the years that led not to results.

Tough love

During our partnership, we’ll challenge your assumptions, and we’ll invite you to challenge ours. If you show us a list of 21 priorities, we’ll push you to tell us which three are really priorities.  And we’ll push you to road-test your offerings sooner than you’re comfortable doing — whether it’s a new website, strategy, or outreach campaign — because a few lessons learned from real customers via a quick prototype will get you way more ROI than months spent polishing a product or service nobody wants.


We enjoy our work, and we figure you must enjoy yours, or else you wouldn’t be doing it. So. although we’re nothing like those dudes at the Pike Place fish market in Seattle, we do have a fun rapport within our team, and with our clients. It kinda goes with the point about informality above.  If we can share a laugh together now and then, it’s likely that we can tackle tough challenges together, too.  But you’re not required to laugh at Joe’s puns, and they come at no extra charge.

“Einstein Monument” photo by Rex Hammock via Flickr; used with permission.