A solid strategy is something organizations — and their boards of directors — seem to call for loudly again and again. So why are so many strategies abandoned on a shelf long before their timeframe is up?

A strategy often fails because:

  • the people who developed the strategy aren’t the same ones who will execute it.
  • the strategy includes no trade-offs (“We’re gonna do it all, do it soon, do it well, and spend very little.”)
  • the strategy tries to control too many variables, too far into the future.

Think about it: you can drive 100 miles in the dark on a twisty road with headlights that only illuminate 100 feet ahead. Your strategy can be like those headlights, revealing just enough of what lies ahead so that you can adapt and steer your organization. This is especially important with technology, where the roadmap is constantly changing.

Guided by your vision and direction, Bluemont Communications helps you develop short, manageable projects designed to let you know sooner rather than later if you’re moving in the right direction.