For Best User Experience, Try Self-Inflicted Simplicity

We just can’t help ourselves. When we design websites, apps, and even human processes, we overestimate people’s appetite for complexity, and we underestimate how busy we all really are.  The result:  a horrible user experience.  A system cluttered with advanced features that nobody has time to even learn, much less use.

Amazingly, it all can be traced back to the era of Beowulf, that epic hero of Old English poetry.  What, you didn’t know that Beowulf had a younger brother named Bawuddif? He spawned a race of troublemakers who add complexity to our websites and operations. But you can resist the Bawuddifs with a little “self-inflicted simplicity.”

Find out more in this Ignite talk I gave at the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Washington, DC.  Unfortunately — or fortunately, perhaps — my video wasn’t captured, so you’ll have to make do with my slides and spoken narrative.


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