George Gates (left) and Bob Stump.
Client stories, Websites


The Client’s Need:

Core-R.O.I. offers coaching, consulting and training programs for organizations. Their previous website had suffered an irrecoverable loss, so they needed to quickly rebuild from scratch. The principals, George Gates and Bob Stump, didn’t want anything fancy. They just wanted a credible website where their clients could go to find out about them and the work they do.


The Work:

Bluemont helped Bob and George to quickly set up a basic site with blog-type articles — free to host and easy to maintain.


The Result:

Core-R.O.I. now has a clean, simple mobile-friendly site that Bob and George can maintain themselves.  The visual design is low-key, which is exactly how the client wanted it.

“We needed help recreating our website. Bluemont Communications was the perfect partner for us. Great listeners, they heard our ideas very clearly and produced what we wanted.”

Bob Stump