Joseph Klem

Joseph Klem

Junior full-stack web developer

Arlington, VA

Hi, I’m Joe Klem. I’m available for web development work as a direct hire, or as a contractor through my company Bluemont Communications LLC.

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Or just email me: joe-at-bluemontcommunications-dot-com.

You also might find me running, cooking, home brewing, playing euchre, listening to jazz and classical music, or watching college hoops.

Bluemont Logo

Why is the company called Bluemont? The “blue” represents the wide-open sky — clear, uncluttered, limitless. The “mont” represents a mountain or peak to be conquered, reminding me to always aim higher, learn new skills, up my game. And, not coincidentally, Bluemont Park in Arlington, VA is where I regularly challenge myself with runs along beautiful trails and disc golf against my son.

Why “Communications” if you’re a software developer? I’ve worked for many years as a communicator -- first writing and editing, and later overseeing web sites and digital properties. I launched my LLC in 2012 to consult in communications, but I’m now pivoting toward a second career in software development. Should I rename the LLC? Probably at some point, but for now I’ll live with the messiness and call it technical debt.